ArmourBite® Performance Mouthpiece

Features patented ArmourBite® technology that increases strength, improves endurance and reduces athletic stress.  The ArmourBite® Performance Mouthpiece is worn on the lower teeth, and is designed for limited and/or non-contact sports (running, cycling, weightlifting, golf, yoga/pilates).



  • Power Wedges™ help maintain optimal spacing between your teeth and counteract the negative effects of clenching
  • Multi-patented ArmourBite® Power Wedges™ deliver a range of physical benefits that help you train harder and perform better
  • Patented Power Wedges™ technology helps increase strength, improves endurance and reduces athletic stress
  • 60 Seconds easy Boil and Bite
  • One (1) Year Product Warranty
  • Latex Free
  • Not for use with Braces
  • Available in two sizes: Youth (Up to Age 11) and Adult (Age 12+)
  • Made in USA
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